Ten Day Proj: Track Record

Ten Day Proj: Track Record 2011-05-18: 2011-05-26

HG3 509 projbt

HG3 508 projbt

HG3 507 projbt

HG3 505 projbt

HG3 504 projbt

HG3 503 projbt

The test was the selection of the upper or lower ten day price projections compared to the actual using the mean absolute error as the criteria. In the sample of 275, the 10 day projection zone (upper red zone or lower red zone) closest to actual was chosen 194 times (70.55% ).

N.B. The likelihood of a projection (upper, mid or lower) or projection zone (upper or lower) may change on breaking news, as new information becomes available or when the price reaches a support, resistance or retracement level.