Signal Screener

In Signal Screener only  Support and Resistance and Bias  are shown for related markets as a percentage. These are also ranked from bullish top , bearish bottom .

hzscreener hzscreenerneg

Also consider trend reversals when oversold.

For example Kazakhmys is showing high volatility and there is potentially a large move to the upside.

The screeners should always be used together with Independent Analysis, Fundamentals and Breaking News


The middle column shows the forecast for a neutral scenario, with no economic breaking news.
The markets are ranked by the forecasts in this column.

The columns on either side are the %change 1 day forecasts for bullish and bearish breaking news.
The chart is colour coded.
Positive %change 1 day forecasts are colour coded  green, so larger positive forecasts have a deeper green colour.
Negative %change 1 day forecasts are colour coded red, so the larger negative forecasts have a deeper red colour.

Markets near the top and bottom of the ranked lists may change direction, possibly on profit taking or market churn.
The screener is intended to be a quick tool for highlighting areas of possible interest and the forecasts must be confirmed by fundamental analysis and breaking economics news.