Signal Setups

Daily Signal Setup Charts from Price Dynamics Ltd

Screening For Setups

The major Forex market pairs are screened for a setup throughout the day and then charts are selected and posted intraday when certain entry rule based criteria are met. If these criteria are not met there will be no post for that day.

Confirmation and Money Management

A setup should be confirmed by recent news flow.

To limit exposure to risk a stop loss should always be applied.

Example of a signal setup chart:

Trading View is an excellent site for intraday charts and information.

Breaking News and Fundamental Analysis:
It is important to be aware to breaking news and any fundamental analysis that may effect the markets. Breaking news may also be followed with a sudden reversal in trend.

Forex Factory is an excellent site that has an economic calendar and news.

Last algorithm update:

30 May 2022

The chart has been simplified to make it easier to understand.

31 March 2022

The chart has been simplified to make it easier to understand.

09 March 2022

The chart shows the Pivot Points Support and Resistance lines together with the forecast Support and Resistance for the current day along with the recent intraday price.

This helps to set the Target and Stop Loss levels

A directional Signal Setup bias is also given.

08 Nov 2021

The focus is on finding the best daily FX pairs for a successful outcome and then waiting for a potential intraday setup trigger. The chart has been simplified to show just the intraday support and resistance levels and the recent intraday price along with a comment on the directional Signal Setup bias.

20 April 2021

For Forex, Gold and Silver an intra price line (light blue) has been added to help identify if the price is close to support (red dots) or resistance (green dots).

10 March 2021

Two tracker lines (green: bullish, red: bearish) that help to identify the trend, retracements, breakouts and trend change were introduced.

29 December 2020

In this update the Open, High, Low and Close Forecast Distributions were introduced replacing the previous intraday support and resistance levels. Improvements were also made to the intraday bias calculations.


The above information is the output of algorithms on prices alone. It is not to be taken as investment or trading advice and must be viewed together with fundamental analysis, breaking news and a confirming intraday chart. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Every effort has been taken to present the correct information, however, neither Price Dynamics Ltd nor its staff are liable to any error that may occur

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